New Features Available for Windows Phone, iPhone and iPad

When we announced our latest Lync Online and Lync Server 2013 mobile clients earlier this year, we promised to update them on a regular basis to continue adding features that users and IT professionals want.

I’m happy to share today that we’ve delivered our third update for Windows Phone, iPhone and iPad this year alone and that they are now available for download from their respective app stores.

This release delivers two main improvements for users that I’ll explain in more detail below:

· The ability to join and participate in a Lync Meeting without having to own a Lync account.

· Starting an unscheduled (impromptu) Lync Meeting (either IM or video) directly from your mobile device with multiple participants.

We’ve heard that many people want the ability to join Lync Meetings from their smartphones, even if they do not have a Lync sign-in. For example, contractors or partners may want to join your Lync Meeting while travelling or away from their PC. Now, instead of only being able to join the meeting audio by dialing a phone number and PIN, these people can now join via Lync Meeting as a guest, much as they would when on their PC. This enables them to view meeting content, see & add video and much more.
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