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Network Question on Windows 8 help is appreciated.


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My HP ENVY dv7 Notebook PC has a funny quirk about it. My network usually will always connect. When connecting it will say every once in a while can't connect to this network. I think I have narrowed this down to it being the computer itself. My other laptop running windows 7 doesn't do that. I just replaced my wireless router a few days ago. What is weird though when it says "Can't connect to network" I hit close and my computer is connected to my network and the internet actually works. Anyone have any idea why sometimes it would say this. It doesn't happen everytime. I just about 99% sure its not an issue with my router as this only happens occasionally on this PC running windows 8. My Ipad, other laptop running Windows 7, Cell Phone, ETC does not do this when connecting. I am just curious why this happens. When connecting my old router never did this.

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