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Network local pc desktop - laptop - single user - no passw

I have a spanish version of windows 8.1

I am trying to share folders and files between two terminals.

I think I have a good configuration but I am receiving all the time this message :

Windows no puede tener acceso a \\

(Windows can't have access to \\

Es posible que el nombre de la ubicación no esté bien escrito o que exista un problema con la red. Para intentar identificar y resolver problemas de red, haga clic en Diagnosticar.

(Is possible that location name is not well written or exist a problem with the network. Try to identify and solve network problems, do click in Diagnose now. )

Código de error 0x80070035

No se ha encontrado la ruta de acceso a la red.

(Error code 0x80070035

Network path not found)

After diagnose :

El solucionador de problemas no pudo corregir automáticamente todos los problemas encontrados. Se ofrecen más detalles a continuación.

Problemas encontrados.

El equipo está configurado correctamente, pero el dispositivo o recurso ( no responde.

(the problems solver can't correct automatically all the problems found. More details now :

Found problems .

The device is right configurated, but the device don't answer (

Note : the laptop was with the tap closed.

I repeated the experience

Winos no puede obtener acceso a \\\o

No tiene permiso para obtener acceso a \\\o. Póngase en contacto con el administrador de la red para solicitar acceso.

Para obtener más información sobre los permisos, consulte ayuda y soporte técnico de Windows.

(Windows can't access to \\\o

You are not allowed to access \\ . Contact with the network administrator to ask for access.

To obtain more information about allowances consult the windows help and support.

Conditions of my network

I am the only user JOSE

don't use password

I have activated the option in shared and networks center :

deactivate the shared use with password protection

I have configured the shared folders with administrative privileges for all and for me with total control

I am trying to obtain a network without password at all.

At the present moment I am in despair because I think I have tried everything.

additionally i try

start-execute-netplwiz and deactivate the option : the users must write name and password to use the equipment.

How can I debug this problem. Windows help seems not enough.

When I send a ping to all packages are well sent and received.

Best Regards


My Computer

System One

  • OS
    Windows 8.1
    Computer type
    intel i76700K
    Asus z170-K
    32 GB DDR4
    Graphics Card(s)
    several . Two . Nvidia 9800 GT 8400 GS
    Firefox , Chrome , IE, Opera
    Windows Defender
I'm a Windows 7 user, I have made "discover this/share that/share the other/no passwords" inside my Control Panel/Network & Sharing Center/Change advanced sharing settings area. I'm wondering if your Windows 8 has to be set similarly for both computers; and, I often have to Restart either computer one and/or Restart computer two and/or computer three [in my home] to make the sharing smooth and easy.

My Computer

System One

  • OS
    Windows 7 Pro 64bit [MS blue-disk set]
    Computer type
    System Manufacturer/Model Number
    2 Acers & 1 Antec[?]
    i7 in 2 Acers, i5 in desktop
    Desktop w/Gigabyte
    Two w/16GB, 1 w/8GB
    Graphics Card(s)
    Laptops GameWorthy; Desktop maybe GameWorthy
    Monitor(s) Displays
    flatscreens; 2 are BluRay worthy
    Screen Resolution
    1368x768; 1600x900
    Hard Drives
    1TB internals; 2 ext usb WD 1TB HDs
    what's PSU?
    Regular plus external fans
    desktio w/PS2
    desktop w/PS2
    Internet Speed
    DSL middle level [160?]
    from Netscape 0.9 to FF 36
    well-balanced, well-configured mult-layered defense is best
    Other Info
    From MS-DOS 3.3, MS-DOS 6.22, from Windows 3.1 to WFW 3.11 to Windows 95-98SE, now to Windows 7 Pro.
    Security for now: Windows 7 Firewall, Emsisoft AM, MSE [scan-only], SpywareBlaster, Ruiware/BillP combine