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Solved .NET framework not installing (Error code 0x800F081F)


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Recently I have downloaded a few things that require the .NET framework 3.5. When I go to download/ install this, it moves realy fast, then stops and says: "Windows couldn't complete the requested changes" with the error code '0x800F081F'. I have been trying to do this for weeks now, and keep getting this error. When I go online for help, I cannot find anything on this. Anyone have any ideas? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Some things to note:
I downloaded Windows 8 (Pro, 64)
Earlier in the summer, my computer had a problem and I had to refresh it.

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Mark Phelps

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If that fix helps, then great. But when I tried to install .Net 3.5 from Windows features, it errored out with missing files.

When I Googled for this, I found out that you have to install from the Win8 DVD -- as it has the extra files needed to complete the installation successfully.

That was some time ago, so you should check on it now, as someone may have posted the extra files or they may be available from MS for download.

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