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Need help getting into old computer

Hi all! I’ve done extensive research on this issue, and cannot for the life of me figure it out. I’m trying to get into my old computer so I can access old photos and what not. So, here is my issue..

1. I forgot the password to my windows 8 toshiba computer. The password is not connected to my windows account because it is not connected to the internet, and wants the password I last logged in with.

2. I’ve had trouble getting into advanced options using f8 because my computer starts too fast, I’ve successfully done it once.. out of many tries.

3. When I got to advanced options.. if I tried to get to CMD or anything else it asks for the password for the account - the account I’m trying to log into IS the administrator account, there are no others. I tried to restart it in safe mode with command prompt and it just restarted normally.

4. I don’t have a backup disc or password disc or usb

5. I’ve wrecked my brain trying to remember this password and it just escapes me

6. I can’t even restart it from a last saved back up point because.. it asks for the password.

7. I’ve read a few blogs that talk about password hacking software but am afraid to use it, this is unknown territory for me. I don’t need to fool around with something I’m unfamiliar with just to get into my computer (though I really want to get into it!!)

..is there any hope for me?

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You don't say where you are, but unless you're on a deserted island somewhere, you probably have a Computer shop within driving distance.
Bring it to me, and I'd have that password GONE in less than five minutes. Any respectable Computer Tech will have the "Password Removal Tool". You may need to prove that you own the PC in question.

So lets say that Windows is hosed and cannot boot the PC. Just remove the hard drive and connect it to a working PC and access the data files using Windows Explorer on the working PC.
A PC Shop could do that for you too. So could I.

Good Luck!
TM :cool:

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we do not do any password hacking here..
But you can access the OS and maybe reset the password by using a Rescue Disk
Windows 10 reset Tools - Bootable Rescue Disk Solved - Windows 10 Forums
or maybe you prefer to create your own Rescue Media
Win10XPE - Build Your Own Rescue Media - Windows 10 Forums

I'd like to recommend some free windows password reset tools:
ophcrack (Ophcrack)
ntpassword (Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor
passcue (PassCue Official - Focus on Various Sorts of Password Recovery Techniques)
kone-boot (KONE Corporation - Improving the Flow of Urban Life.)
and more...
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