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Need help for a friend whose account got hacked (Facebook & Cashapp questions)

So my friend's Facebook got hacked a couple days ago. Whoever it was blocked her secondary FB account, and when I got involved, threatening to get the FBI, the person demanded $50-100 to give it back to her. Obviously they won't do that, and I said no and demanded it back, and they blocked me.

Clearly she is angry, as 15 years of her life, including photos of her son, are there. Me and her reported the profile being hacked, while she also sent a notice to get it removed. Nothing from their end yet, however recently, this person pretended to be her and asked one of her friends, maybe more, for money to help her, and that person got scammed of $50. That friend should've seen her name wasn't on the cashapp, but we now have the cashapp cashtag with the name on it. She doesn't know who the person is.

We need advice:
Is it possible to track and find the person using the cashtag?
She is going to the prescient tomorrow with this information, but what else can she do to get her account back?
Is there a way for us to recover it ourselves?

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