My Windows 8 tablet can't auto rotate anymore!! :/ HELP!!


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Today i have found that my Windows 8 tablet(Acer Iconia W700/I5 Core) won't auto rotate anymore because when i swipe the right bar to get to the sceen(now called brightness) there is no unlock/lock option anymore and i have a switch on my Windows 8 tablet to turn auto rotate on and off and that switch does not work for some reason now and i gone into the display settings and there is no option for auto rotate and now it is stuck in landscape mode.

1st i can't do a hard reset on the tablet to default settings(again) and 2nd now i can't auto rotate my tablet because of the options are gone for some bizarre reason, it is sooo annoying!!!

I have never had this problem before on my Windows 8 tablet!!

Please can anyone help me how to get auto rotate back?? and What is going wrong with my Windows 8 tablet(Acer Iconia W700/I5 Core), Do i have a virus??

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