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My PC shut down while installing updates because of an error. Now I can't go past the booting up screen because of a fatal error that appears


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The error I got while installing the update was "Driver Power State Failure". I didn't mind it since I get it quite often.

Naturally, it restarted itself and on bootup, it tries to continue updating. At about 49% it gave me this error: .

I restarted it multiple times. Upon the 3rd restart, it went to Windows Recovery Environment, it looks like this. I tried the Startup Repair from the Troubleshoot menu. After a couple minutes, it said that it can't repair the system.

Now what do I do? Should I just wait it out and hope it fixes itself?

I already searched about the error code and I saw this. I think already did the repair thing. Now as for booting to safe mode, I don't think that's possible. Even before this whole thing happened, I can't access the Advanced Startup Option already (it's where you can choose to start in Safe Mode).

Please help. Also sorry for my English.

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