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Multiple monitors - task doesn't move between taskbars


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There's a great program called XYplorer (written in VB). I love it and I'm using it everywhere. However it has one huge (at least for me) "bug". This post is related to the thread on a XYplorer board -> XYplorer Beta Club

I'm working with multiple monitors and I have selected Windows option "Show taskbar buttons on Taskbar where window is open". Normally when you move a window from one monitor to another, a button on taskbar will follow after the window to the same monitor. Unfortunately this feature doesn't work with XYplorer. Button stays on the monitor where windows was opened (video rel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnOutqDGGSA )

To be precise, it works like this:
1) Open XY on Monitor 1 (M1).
- XY button stays on M1 taksbar, no matter where you move the window.
2) Close XY when window is on Monitor 2 (M2).
3) Open XY again - window is shown on M2.
- XY button stays on M2 taksbar, no matter where you move the window.

Author of the program says it should be handled by Windows and he doesn't know how to control it programtically. I've tested XY on many computers (Windows 8, 8.1) and it works like this everywhere. It's really hard to find similair problems in Google.
Do you know what might be the issue?

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