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Multiple Issues with 64 Bit Windows 8


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Good Evening,

Is anyone else going what I am? After investing in the windows 8 phone, (which I love) I bought the upgrade from Win 7 to 8. Now im lost, confused and pulling my hair out. Here is what I have going on.

  1. Cant open the store every time, (when I can it wont download apps as it says my connection is too slow), I Know that's not the issue.
  2. On Face book I cant open any games that I used to play because of the flash player error, but my system says its installed.
  3. On the desktop view I cannot open IE 10, just tells me its waiting for whatever website it is to open and nothing happens.
  4. I have the Radeon 6500 HD series and the ATI control center is not compatible but it wont download the new one from the website onto my system.
This is just scratching the surface of issues, I had pre loaded games like League of Legends that wont work now, it wont connect to the server.

I am so close to going back to windows 7. If anyone can help I would really appreciate the advice so I can end my torture.

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