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Solved Multiple issues showing in event viewer plus other problem

event viewer.png
Would anyone have the time to look at the attached photo which shows a list of issues that are showing up in Event Viewer. What do they mean, how do I deal with them? Why are they happening?

I had a catastrophic failure a few weeks ago and had to do a complete re-install on Windows 8, upgraded to Windows 8.1. I am using an Asus desktop PC which is only 18 months old.

I have also been experiencing unexplained 'freezes' and over the last few days I have carried out the following to try and see if it would sort it out.

C Cleaner
Check Disc
Memory Scan

I left the PC running 24/7 from Friday lunchtime and it froze at 4.52 on Saturday morning. Today I have been able to use it without any trouble.

I am a sole-trader and need this PC for my business (no IT department to support me :()

Any advice greatly welcomed.

Thanks for reading.

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