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Move Contacts From Vista Mail to Windows 8.1 Mail/People


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I have a laptop that I want to use as my main mail computer. BUT I cannot figure how to move my contacts (151) to my Asus X751L computer (Windows 8.1), from my desktop with windows Vista Live Mail. I have created an export file CSV type with all of the contacts details I want to export. I get the mail app choosing an online mail program, but I already got the mail app to work with my internet server to pick up my mail as with the Desktop (Acer) machine. Does the Mail app program and the people app only work with online programs like Outlook, Gmail, Skype, Hotmail, etc. I could not get the people app to recognize the account I have setup in Windows 8.1.
Sorry I am rambling on but as you can imagine I have been on the search for some time to discover a way to automatically load People, so I can still use the basic mail app in W8.1 and have it link to the People app. Confused and tired.
Thanks for reading this dribble, and any suggestions would really be appreciated.

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