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Solved Mouse flutters


Disregard message below, think I figured it out to be that there was a piece of paper sitting on the laptop finger pad and a light breeze from the ceiling fan must have been making it occasionally touch the pad, once I moved the paper off the pad the mouse cursor because solid as a rock again.

Usually I keep a piece of cardboard on top of the pad to prevent it from getting dusty which must have been too heavy for the breeze from the ceiling fan to move around, now that I think about it, once I removed the cardboard and started laying other things on top of the laptop must have been about the same time this issue started to happen to me.

Delete topic if you please.


I've never had this issue when I ran Windows 7 or any earlier versions of Windows.

I'm watching my mouse cursor and it will just start to flitter around, usually within about a half inch area on my screen, but sometimes jumps as far as a couple of inches on my screen. It doesn't matter where my mouse cursor is on the screen, and there is no rhyme or reason to when it's going to start doing this.

One moment the cursor on the screen is stable as a rock and not moving, then it could be the next second or hours from now, the mouse cursor will just flitter around, shifting from side to side really fast, then maybe it will clear right up and stop doing that and maybe it will go on for 5 or 10 minutes like this before it stops doing it.

I've also turned off the mouse and unplugged the usb dongle and when this is happening, it continues to happen, mouse cursor fluttering around even when the mouse and dongle are disconnected from the computer completely.

I've already tested it out to not be the hardware as I installed a brand new (out of the box) extra mouse that I have laying around here and it's doing it too. Also should note that sometimes this will not happen for a few days, then it will start happening again.

I have the Logitech MX Performance USB mouse, all drivers and updates seem to be done to Windows 8.

Any clues what it is in Windows 8 that could be causing this? I assume it's a Windows 8 problem since I believe to have eliminated it being a hardware problem by trying another mouse on this computer.


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    Windows 8
    i7 2860qm
    Asus Laptop
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    Nvidia GTX 560m 2GB dedicated Video RAM
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    Logitech MX Performance