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So, my husband used my email address to set up an account for our son to play xbox. Months later, I got an HP laptop and signed in with my email for my Microsoft account. I got my laptop all set up, put pictures on there, downloaded things I needed and have been using it just fine. All of a sudden, I got told I couldn't go to a certain website without my parents approval......So, then I realized that my email address was set up as a childs account for our family Microsoft account. So, I logged into Microsoft, added myself to the family account with my email address and changed my sons email address to his own. So, now my sons name is assigned to his own email address, and my name is assigned to my email address. Here's the problem, my laptop is still synced with my sons account. It stayed with him and not with my email address. I figured it was assigned with the email address and not the name- apparently I was wrong. So, now my laptop still says its a child account with my son's name and everything. I tried removing the laptop from our Microsoft account. I tried to see if there was a way to just assign it to another family member (myself). No luck. I was able to add myself to my own laptop using the email address I've used all along but it started the laptop like I was a brand new person setting it up and all my stuff and pictures are not on there. I have to log back in under my son's account to get access to my files. Anybody have any idea how to fix this?

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