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Metro-Style Application Launcher (alt to taskbar)


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hi there,

just got my new yoga 2 pro-- really happy with the laptop, and also pleasantly surprised with W8.1. Definitely has a MSFT level quality to it (ie functional, but no strong eye to usability)

Anyways, while I have been pretty happy with the Metro interface (yes!) I have been trying to get my desktop experience a little more in line with how I would use my laptop/tablet. For example, i have made all the icons large and single click to open (so i can easily just tap the icon on desktop to open).

One thing I have been getting consistently annoyed with is the taskbar which is horribly small (for touch launch) and outdated looking.

Question: i am wondering if anyone is aware of an alternative to the actual taskbar to launch programs which look metro-style? I think the closest i have found is rocketdock, which is adequate. but i was hoping that there was a launcher specifically made with touch launch in mind for the desktop.

Also, i know this is probably going to be moot in about 9 months, when W9 launches with a touch-optimized desktop, but thats still 9 mo away...

thanks for your help!

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