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Metro apps closing

I realize this is an old post, but it is a current issue for me. I'm writing on my Mac OSX which I haven't had issues with for 5 years, nothing major like this anyway.

We bought our kids Toshiba laptops for Christmas 2014 for homeschooling and they both have Windows 8.1. It's only January 2015 and I've had several issues with them. The latest is the same as described in the last post,

"I have an administrator account and another account ..... It is just a home desktop. My admin account has the issue of any Metro app minimizing after 5-10 seconds, but the other account is able to access them,..."

My son's account can access the apps and play Minecraft. I was able to access the apps on the Admin account until I installed Uniblue Registry Booster and ran it. However, I did the same to my daughters computer and it is working fine. So I don't think it is RB.

I have tried System Restore at different restore points and those didn't work. Same problem. I tried System Refresh. That also didn't work. Same problem. I'm at a loss of what to do except get my $$ back and save up for a MacBook. But any help here would be VERY much appreciated.

BTW, I've been through some computer classes, but not anywhere near the level most of you are at. I'll let you know if your responses are over my head though. Thanks!!

Oh, I should also mention that when I go into the app menu, most of the tile apps have an X in the bottom right corner. When I go to the full menu, almost all of them have the word "error" after the name, including Settings. I had to get into Settings another way.
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Mate, you mentioned Registry Booster! You've located the problem. As far as I can tell, 95% of people on this forum recommend never using any registry 'booster' (apart from ccleaner), and the number one reason is because it makes a system unstable, and the second is like it: it doesn't actually provide any tangible benefit.

I recommend a system Refresh or a system reset, and failing that, a complete reinstallation.

No defragmenter, reg editor, optimizer, etc. should ever be installed. Upgraded Windows OS's also have SAFE upgraded built-in tools to do the same things as the other guys' stuff (like optimize drives). See Optimize Performance for better speeds.

These are my recommendations, hope they are helpful to you! I really think the only fix for you would be in the tutorials I've suggested (System refresh, and how to optimize performance). Good luck in your quest for the solution!

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