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Massive Keyboard Malfunction

Hello everyone. I'm new to these forums, unlike this OS. I have a major keyboard malfunction and seeing google was of no help, I came here as a last resort. Forgive me if I make any mistakes regarding this post, I'm in a haste.

Today after a restart, my keyboard went to rubbish. Every key with letters opens up calc.exe. Arrow keys are unresponsive, including a select few. The ' key opens up My Computer and I'm getting REAL tired of Win 8's constant problems and the dire need of solving them, one after one.

I think before the restart, i used folder colorizers update function (not the first time), and it kept ****ing up somewhere saying "pls lemme close this cuz its in my way : >>" and then theres 3 options, abort, ignore, retry. after retry failed, i used ignore and boom goes explorer.exe. "welp, time to win+r = explorer.exe" and so i did. after a while i restarted for w/e reason. ENTER CALC.EXE

I am positive I am virus/malware free, for i have scanned 4 times with ESET Nod antivirus 8 and twice with malwarebytes.
I'm using a Lenovo g500. pls help.


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    win 8.1

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