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So I was doing a scan with malwarebytes and it found one adware. I quarantined it. After that, my internet connection was very, very slow. I tried everything I could think of til I decided to just do a system restore. That worked! Now I'm afraid to use malwarebytes again or quarantine anything if it finds anything because this might happen again. I've scanned my computer with malwarebytes before and it never caused a problem so I don't know why this happened now. Any suggestions? Could it have been the program or my quarantining the adware that slowed down my connection? I always thought it was safe to quarantine and that I should do so if I find an adware. Should I have left it alone and should I leave adwares alone in the future or what? Now I'm afraid of using malwarebytes again and I know I shouldn't be.

After the system restore, my internet connection went back to normal now I'm getting places faster like always. But I wonder if the system restore put the adware back on my computer. More specifically, the registry. That's where the adware was before I quarantined it but I don't know if it's still quarantined even after the system restore or if I'm back where I was before the system restore. I'm afraid to scan again to see if malwarebytes will find it again.

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