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Lost all my flash drives after changing removal policies


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I was getting really slow transfer speeds on my flash drive 2.0 ( transfer speeds were a lot higher on a Linux computer on the same drive) and after reading this article I decided to try changing my removal policies from Quick Removal to Better Performance and as soon as clicked ok my computer stopped responding and did a hard boot after a while and now I can no longer see my flash drive or my SD drive (somehow affected this one also). I went to my linux computer and tried both of them there and both mount ok and all my files are there but on my windows computer they are gone! I stick the drives in there and they never come up on my windows explorer. Any ideas on how to fix this I would appreciate.

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Have you tried plugging them into a different USB port? If its a desktop, try the rear ports. as your front ports may be worn or dirty.

also check disk management and see if they are mounted, quick removal automounts, whereas better performance doesnt always..

I played around with these options before and saw no noticeable difference, at least none worth the risk of losing cached data..

If you need a little more umph out of your USB drives i recommend either

1) Using USB3 drives, even on USB2 ports will be usually faster.

2) Install a USB3 card, even using a USB2 flash drive on a USB3 port is usually faster.

3) Install a USB3 card and use USB3 drives.. (amazingly fast! 80-120MB/S) most of the time..

Increasing one of the hardware removes one of the bottlenecks. When both hardware is 2.0 you have the bottleneck of the Port and the bottleneck of the drive to deal with.


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