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Logon asks for password instead of pin


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I've been using a 4digit pin to lock my account (and is the only administrator). Today, however, I was asked to enter a password instead of a pin! Im pretty sure I didnt touch any of the settings to cause this change. I don't know how to do it in the first place.
Here now comes another problem. I forgot my password. I do remember making a new ms account for this user but I don't remember the password. I tried to reset my pass but no luck since I didnt add a recovery email and the phone number listed in that account can no longer be reached.
Our pc got two user accounts: mine (admin) and for everyone else (nonadmin). I can still access the nonadmin acct since I didnt add a password to it.

TLDR: How do I switch to pin login instead of password while in logon screen?

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