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Locked out of PC


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Hi All, I am having a major issue with my laptop running windows 8.

For some reason I've been locked out of my laptop so I went to windows live website and tried to reset the password but it wouldn't let me.

So I had to fill in the form to send to Microsoft so they could verify my account - they got back to me and said sorry we've reviewed your account basically we don't believe its your account so tough, make a new one!

So I made a new one, logged into the PC but I don't have admin rights - I can't change it to an admin user because it's asking for the password for my other account all the time which obviously I don't have!

I have tried making various boot USB's but nothing works I have tried various password reset tools which don't work, I have tried another boot USB which I cant remember the name of but it boots into a version of XP or something but it won't even boot.

I desperately need some files from my other user account which I can't access as this new account doesn't have admin rights!

I am tearing my hair out can someone please help me!

Thank you!

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