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Live Movie Maker error adding music error? PLEASE HELP!?

Hey i have added music(.mp3s) or sound effects on my videos no problem on Movie maker..

But i am having a bit of a problem now it keeps on saying ''error adding Music starts after the last(photo or video)'' in project. i have tried it and it still won't work doing.

And i was putting sound effects or music in the middle or and the start of my videos and in fact i have added a sound effect today before it kept coming up with adding music error.

The mp3s(and sound effects) are not corrupted.

Why am i getting this adding music error all of the sudden? How do i fix this stupid problem?

I have to delay posting my video since sunday(upload day) for my Youtube Channel now i will have to do it again for another day and i have been working very hard on this video. :(

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Could you reinstall microsot essetials you can download it by google searching it
if the problem still assist go to the file and make sure that at the end of its name the is a ".mp3" or it wouldnt be readed by Movie maker.again if it still assist try another video editing software there are tons of them :)

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