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Live Messenger vs. Messaging vs. Skype

It seems like I have the option of using Live Messenger (from the desktop), Messaging (as a Start App) or Skype (as a desktop or Start App).

But there doesn't seem to be a lot of consistency across each.

It appears to me that -

  • Either flavor of Skype gives me access to Microsoft and Skype accounts. But not Facebook accounts.
  • Either flavor of Messenger gives me Microsoft and Facebook accounts. But not Skype accounts.
  • Only Desktop Messenger gives me access to Microsoft Messenger groups. Neither flavor of Skype nor Messaging (as a Start App) do so.

Am I correct. Or are there ways to integrate Facebook accounts into Skype and Skype accounts into Messenger?

And when Microsoft Live Messenger goes away what happens to Microsoft Messenger Groups?

And while I am at it, where does Google chat fit in?

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