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I like a lot of old TV shows, many of which were before my time, such as "I Love Lucy". One of them was the original "Dennis the Menace" sitcom (1959–1963), in which little Dennis (Jay North) often sparred with his female peer Margaret (Jeannie Russell) in the eternal "battle of the sexes" which occurs among adults and children alike. (Well, almost alike.) She liked Dennis in general and fantasized about marrying him, but that didn't matter when she was mad at him. Or did it ...... ?

The device of having children mimic adult reactions was used a lot in that show, and one such occasion that sticks in my mind was a delightful parody of the immortal line "I'll never speak to you again!" which for many years was women's favorite way of telling off their boyfriends or husbands. In one episode, Margaret (then 10 years old) gets mad at Dennis (then 9) over some trivial thing that he says; and, in a perfect imitation of a typical ten-second adult tantrum, she exclaims "I'll never speak to you again some day when we get married!"

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