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Launch Xbox Music/Video from desktop apps


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Hi All,
Not sure if what I want to do is possible but will ask in case anyone has found a way

Currently trying out some desktop media managers that have more features that the MS ones and I am trying to integrate them

Videos I have sorted, I have all my local ones and MS purchased ones all showing in J River Media Center, my videos work as expected in the program, xbox videos launch the video app and play, I now have ratings and playcounts for all my video files in the one program

Music is where I have the issue, I have it setup and can double click a MS DRM music file, this opens up fine in the music app and plays, but it only plays one song at a time and then stops
What I am wanting to do is, highlight a selection of songs, click play and then they all get sent to xbox music and play instead of one by one

Any thoughts on if this might be possible or not


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