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Kindle for PC font change


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I have a PC i am currently running windows 8 on.

I have Kindle For PC installed. (latest version)

I also have a samsung galaxy tab 2.7 tablet (wifi only) and a brand new Samsung Galaxy s4 smartphone

I have the kindle books i use the most delivered to each of these devices

My S4 nicely changes the book fonts to a pleasing san serif type so i am set there.

I will look into "calibre" to change the default serif font in the Tablet, other than that i will have to root unless someone has some information for me. my eyes are not compatible with Serif for e reading

My primary concern here is the font in KINDLE FOR PC which i use on my computer. I will consider alternate readers only if they can read my KINDLE books either from online, the cloud, or the file on my computer AND BE ABLE TO CHANGE FONT.

I know there is a registry hack to be able to change the Kindle For PC fonts but i lost the bookmark and the site is a pay for site and can't get the information

I would appreciate if anyone could lead me to the specific information i need to CHANGE THE FONT TO A SANS SERIF FONT for all my books on Kindle For PC on my computer - either Windows 8 Kindle For PC or Windows 7 Kindle for PC either will run on my PC i understand

thanks hope i made that clear :)

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