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keys aren't working correctly(Using on screen keyboard)


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b, n, caps lock, delete, 7 on the numpad side of my laptop, f1, f8, f12 have all suddenly stopped working.

I do not know why these keys in particular.

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Sounds like it could be a mechanical fault :( Keyboards work as a matrix of switches and if there is a problem with the interconnections it can sometimes cause apparently random failures such as yours. If you were getting the wrong characters I would suspect a software issue, (which of cause it still may be),

My best advice is to see if you can find a local Tech that gives free estimates for repairs and let them diagnose it for you, if you were dealing with a desktop it would be a simple swap out of the keyboard but laptops are not that easy to either get at the keyboard to check/change or to pick up a keyboard for testing.

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