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Keyboard occasionally goes into sleep mode, same w/ audio


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Hello, I have a laptop HP pavilion g7 with built in windows 8. I've upgraded to 8.1 from start and now beginning to have some issues.

- When i alt-tab between apps and different programs, my left alt-key doesn't work. When i use my right alt, the alt gr button, the alt-tab function works. After spamming my left alt (or waiting for a short while, 30sec or so) it starts working again.

- When i start my PC sometimes i can't type in my password because certain keys won't work. For an example the character "t" does not work until i wait for a while, most of the times i have to open the "screen keyboard" so that i can click letters i want to input.

This has become quite sudden as i've not experienced this during 2-4 weeks before. I have not recently installed anything new, i have tried installing the lastest windows updates and the issue still stays.

What can be the issue? This seems much like the audio issue i have going on as well. For an example when i open a youtube video, the player will stay at 0:00 (yet the buffering makes progress) until my audio "unit" becomes active. I have noticed that when i start different programs or sites that play audio, my system audio output isn't loaded and it takes a while for it to load, only then the media will start playing. I have the latest audio drivers, i even have two drivers, 1. AMD High Definition Audio Device and 2. IDT High Definition Audio CODEC.

What can this be? As i have mentioned, it feels like the computer puts these devices into a "sleep" mode that load only when used, but just that it takes a while for it to load...

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