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Keyboard freezing constantly!!!!


New Member
Been having problems with my keyboard freezing, at first I found that taking the battery out, holding esc for 30 seconds then setting the bios to saved defaults worked as a temporary fix, but as time has went on it has gotten worse, every time I manage to get the keyboard working again as soon as I play anything with sound ie YouTube or iTunes it freezes again and won't work until I do the bios reset, but if I don't play anything with sound it works fine.

Another method I tried was taking the battery out holding the power button for 30 seconds then the windows key and the letter b and resetting the bios to factory settings but even this has not worked. I'm totally stumped as to why this keeps happening as it is so out of the blue, I've also tried reinstalling the keyboard drivers but this did not work either. Would appreciate any help.

Edit: my problems are on a HP pavilion 15-e092sa

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