Just trying to play CSGO @ 144Hz (panel recommendation too)


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Windows 8.1 64 on SSD
Intel i7-4790K (Not overclocked and won't be)
16 GB RAM (2 sticks vengeance ddr3)
Motherboard GIGABYTE Z97-HD3 LGA 1150 rev 2.0
GeForce GTX 1050ti 4GB not overclocked and won't be
EVGA supernova 650 Watt G2 80 plus Gold.

current panel is 60Hz.

I can't run advanced games with this GPU but until I upgrade I want to play CSGO or similar @ 144Hz 1080p 27" (or 120Hz if there's a good deal on monitor).

Still confused about G-Synch, v sync, freesync.
My GPU has display port.

With this Synch stuff, do I even need it? or can I buy any monitor that has 144Hz and ask questions later? Is Synch just the monitor does the work for me, or can I use a non sync monitor and manually set the Hz per game?

Looking for something with VESA mount but if the panel overhangs enough past its built-in stand, then I won't need my articulating monitor arm, but I do play with my arms extended and therefore the keyboard and mouse is a bit past the front part of monitor, so I can't have the stand in the way. Looking for a cheap option monitor, preferably used - I'll eventually upgrade GPU and get a 1440p or 4K monitor.

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