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Japanese file names inside archives getting garbled


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Just upgraded to Windows 8 and I'm having an issue I never had in Windows 7. Whenever somebody sends me an archive (.zip, .rar, etc.) that contains file names that are in Japanese, they always appear garbled (文字化け).

1. I am using Outlook 2010
2. This happens through both WinRAR and Windows' native unarchiving program.
3. The file name of the archive itself (also in Japanese) is not garbled, just the file names inside.
4. I have the Japanese language pack (Windows IME) installed on top of this U.S. version of Windows 8, but setting Japanese language priority higher than English (through Control Panel/language) does not fix the problem.

Does anyone have any ideas how I might fix this issue, as right now I have to boot back into Windows 7 to unzip any Japanese archive.

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