Issues converting local account to Microsoft


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Hi I seem to be having an issue with changing a local account to a Microsoft account ( Win 8.1 )
The old hard drive failed so did a fresh install on new drive ( but at that time I just selected create local account ).

When trying to change the account I get the error " sorry we could not connect to Microsoft services right now.If this problem persists ,search for network problems on the start screen ".
My internet is perfectly fine, I have tried creating another local and then converting that to MS account but again same error.

I have also tried the MS troubleshooter but this just states there is no MS account and to create one! ( which I cannot do ).
I have performed a SFC scan but all was fine, I have also done DISM to check the image and all again is fine.
The machine is fully updated with the updates, drivers etc.

Any help / advice is greatly welcomed.


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