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Issue with Start Menu and Font Size in Windows 8.1 Pro Whe


New Member
I have been using Windows 8.1 Pro for 1 month on my system with following settings:

  • Thinkpad Yoga i7, 8GB RAM, Intel 4400 HD.
  • Resolution set is at Default on 1920x1080.
  • Scaling at 150%
There is a big issue I have encountered many times which is very annoying. When I put the laptop to sleep mode, especially when it is in sleep mode for more that 2-3 hours, when it wakes up, all the fonts in windows Start Menu becomes smaller. This font change would also be seen in Windows Log on menu.

This will result in having 6 rows in start menu and the font are very tiny.

As I look to display settings, all the values are unchanged.

A restart will solve the problem and all the font sizes will come back to normal. But this is very annoying because I need to restart many times with no reason.

I appreciate any comments on this.


Photo 1: Start Menu with Small Tiles after Waking Up from Sleep


Photo 2: Start Menu Normal Appearance after a Restart


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