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Is there a higher current driver?


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I am currently on 8199 with my W8.1 Pro. I was looking at the Realtek site and I saw a higher version there; 82XX.
I downloaded the file and extracted the files. What I found was that the HDXRT file has my hardware ID for my system so I am wondering if these drivers will work? Is there some reason that these 82XX series not for Win8.1? Am I not reading the file correctly meaning it appears generic for all Windows, but I thought there was some numbering scheme like 6.1 is Windows 7 or something like that? Maybe these 82XX are just for Win10 systems?

Just wanting to know.

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the realtek web site actually has v8186 (R2.82) released late July 2017.

There is an v8397 driver from Microsoft (NOT Realtek), that is listed for 64bit Win7 but should also work under 64bit Win8.1 as I've downloaded & tested it myself on a Toshiba laptop with pre-installed Win8.1 home.

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