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Is my SSD about to fail?


Recently I had some problems with my computer, it would freeze up after the login screen and every thing would stop responding forcing me to restart. Suddenly I was just faced with an error before the loading screen, saying something about hardware changes. After leaving the computer off over the night, and starting again the next day, I was able to get it going good enough to get into the repair mode and run a few cmd commands. Can't remember them exactly, found them while searching around for help with SSD problems and had it run some kind of repair.

After that my computer has worked reasonably, but I just recently had a crash forcing a restart. I will at some point reinstall to a clean install of windows, but I'm just wondering if it's probable that the issue is with the actual SSD rather than software? That way it will just return at some point...

with the event manager I've found a whole bunch of errors. Several with Event ID: 470, which says something about byte failure, and many stating things like "The IO operation at logical block address 0x5448c30 for Disk 4 (PDO name: \Device\00000035) was retried." I have some of the events from the first crash here View attachment event log.rar

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Mark Phelps

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Your title is a good guess -- and probably right. I had an SSD fail on me last year and since it was still under warranty, was able to get a free replacement. All the routine diagnostic apps said it was working OK, but the daily forced chkdsks and other obvious signs of filesystem corruption (much like yours) told a different story. So, I imaged off the OS, "restored" it to a spare HDD, and ran it for two weeks without any problems. Then, when I "restored" it to the SSD, second boot, I started having problems again.

You should see if you can get yours replaced under warranty.

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