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Is my HP Compaq 6000 Pro MIcrotower compatible with Windows 8.1

I have Windows 7 Professional. As everyone knows by now, Windows 7 is reaching the end of life next January (Sob), so I'm needing to think about what I should do. I'd like to dual boot, and I have a partition for either Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 at 878 GB. My computer is an HP Compaq 6000 Pro MIcrotower with 8 GB Memory, a 2 TB Hard Drive, a Seagate External Hard Drive at around 3 TB, where we keep our files (we've redirected our libraries to our external hard drive, so I"d like to keep that just for the files, besides I don't really know how to partition an external hard drive. I have just the regular integrated graphics that came with the motherboard, 2.0 USB, about 10 ports, and my CPU is a Core 2 Duo e 8400 at 3.0 GHz. Would this even work with Windows 10 or 8.1 or would I be better off with just Windows 7 Professional and Linux Mint with the XFCE desktop environment? Oh, my BIOS is legacy boot if that helps. I think that's everything. Could anyone help me out?

I tried Windows 10 in a VM, and it did start up, but was really slow. Since it was a VM, I expected the performance to be slower, but Oh, boy!. It was an .OVA file, so maybe not enough memory was given to it or space or whatever, It was really slow, but it did work, other than being slow. But frankly, I wasn't expecting it to work at all, so I'm hoping.

Also, what are the updates like in Windows 8.1 vs Windows 10? I'd consider Windows 10 if I could be sure that the major updates, like the Anniversary updates, wouldn't brick us out since this is the only computer we have in the house. How often does that actually happen and how many people have that problem. Is it a common thing or is it rare or what? And does that happen at all with Windows 8.1 updates?

If I posted in the wrong forum, I'd appreciate if someone could redirect me to the right forum. Thanks a lot.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks for any help.
Sincerely yours,
Katherine "Maghdalena" Logan

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  • OS
    Windows 7 Professional
    Computer type
    System Manufacturer/Model
    Hewlet Packard/Compaq 6000 Pro Microtower
    Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00GHz
    Hewlett-Packard 3048h (XU1 PROCESSOR)
    8 GB DDR3 Dual Channel
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    Integrated Graphics
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