Is it Windows make lock screen image darker than original?


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How to prevent Windows make lock screen image darker?

First of all, I'm sorry in advance for my bad English and mistakes of rules if I had made.

Everyone know, we can go Change PC Setting => PC and devices => Lock Screen, then browse and click Choose image to make a custom background for lock screen. But we will have an image in background that darker than the original image, that is really annoying for me.
I'm sorry if it unacceptable because of sexy, but I want to use this image for you to clearly see how it dark.

Another way to make a custom lock screen is that we open an image by Photo app and choose Set as => Lock screen. We also have the same result.

Then I start thinking about it. I thought when we click on Choose image (option 1) or Lock screen (option 2), windows will run a process to copy and make the original image more darker, then stored it in a secret location. I searched that secret location on this forum. Finally, I found it in a place and as I thought, it really darker than the original. Here I knew what I thought was right. Then I only need to replace it with the original image. And my result below:
But in that way, I only resolved my problem by edit the result of a process that make image darker. So I continue face a new problem, about slide show lock screen. All of images in slide show mode was darker as I thought.

I'm pretty sure windows doesn't make whole folder darker, then stores all of it in somewhere as it do with normal lock screen mode, because I tried looking ".jpg" in drive C and don't recorgnize anything strange with the looking result. I think it also use somewhere to contain edited image, but only 1, then continuous have it replaced with shuffle image for next screen. So with the upper solution, I can't reach my purpose.

Sorry for my long post, but is there a way to resolve my problem without using 3rd software?

I had found something may be useful. Photo app have some functions to edit image such as Brightness, Contrast, Saturation... I think if we can make Photo app unable to use its functions to edit image, we can resolve this problem.

I hope someone can helps me or if it hopeless, please tell me some other forums able to help me. I don't understand much of English so I only knew this forum, every tutorial here was so friendly and easy for me to understand.

Update: I had found some wrong about what I thought. It not the moments when we click to set the picture as lock screen then the picture will be edited, it would be the moments when we press Windows+L to lock screen.
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