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Is it possible to reduce windows 8 installion files size safetly ?


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Is it possible to reduce windows 8 installion size and fix problems ?

I want to know if it is possible to reduce windows files size.
If so, can someone already know that ?
I just hurried up to spend some times with windows 8 installation files and found what files are the main in windows sources it is install.wim i know how to edit it using mdt 2012 or with windows 7 toolikit it has many bugs but there is the problem after extracted install.wim using gimagex program i found all places where i can put programs for desktop,program files,start menu programs and so on.
I create folder and try from win8 folder to cut and paste files from resources it says you do not have permissions to access this folder.
From c or d or e i can move,remove,cut or paste.

What does it mean that i have not admin rights ?
If so,so how to gain full control for user not for administrators account ?
I have also tried to change folder security user and administrators permisions but it says the same :shock:
i have also added take overowner but nothing happens.
I would change in easy way using mdt 2012 but the problem is that i can't even install msi setup.
These windows 8 preview has a lot of problems.
when i installed i already had problems with them now i'm fixing all problems with menu and so on.
when disk size is bigger then 3 gigs it copies,deletes and paste very slow.
It just counts files and do not even try to delete them at once.
I do not know why it is slow i have 2 gigs of ram and 2 cores.
The big file size as 3 gb or more takes forever when you try to copy,cut or paste files it is very,very slow.
Maybe someone know how to copy,delete or paste files much faster than it is now.
I found a lot of miskates in these windows.

the problems are happening with win8

1.no start menu just metro i hate but now i have removed ;)
2.Do not show image thumbnail when i try double click on png,jpg,bitmap or gif it i says try to fix install problem with images what the***ck it means.
3.Boot up very slow i have speeded it up using registry tweaks.
4.install takes forever my friend has a lot of rams and it happens to him to it goes forever.
5.start up it is to slow too.
6.when program hangs up it goes to blank responding white color and it takes a lot of memory usage when finishes to close the applications.
7.the shutdown button gives error when you click on it to shutdown computer but i have fixed with shutdown registry tweaks ;)
8. when you click to search c or d disk to scan and find files the green horisontal line goes very slow when looking for files you need and takes a lot of memory usage about 80%.
9.internet explorer 10 is very slow.
I think that's it for what i have found.
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