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Solved Internet Explorer 11 and Chrome can not open internet page


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My Sisters net book developed a fault within four days of setting up, in so far that access to the internet was not possible. Each time a site was typed in the error message could not open page would come up. I started the net book up in safe mode, by using MSCONFIG and changing the boot up with network but left all services etc running. Once booted I started the wifi connection and started IE11 and it loaded pages correctly. Reverting back to normal boot and the fault re-occurred.
I did notice however if I opened IE or Chrome before the net book had fully booted (started all back ground programs) I could access the internet for a short while before getting the unable to load page error.
Windows update and Netflix both work correctly.

Another problem with the laptop was the right click context menus. Some of them did not work and would make the laptop freeze for a short while. A thread on this site pointed to context handlers and in particular to one from Norton. Using the method quoted in the thread I was able to get the right click menus to open correctly.

I have always hated Norton and decided to remove it from my sisters net book. After removal and a re-start IE11 and Chrome now work correctly.

Prior to removing Norton I noticed that the context handler was built on the 26th of December 2014 and the fault on this net book started around the 29th.
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Hey mate,

glad you got it working. Make sure you removed every trace on your computer by using the Norton removal tool: https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/kb20080710133834EN_EndUserProfile_en_us
- otherwise it might conflict with future antivirus programs. The built in Windows Defender works okay, but it is not great at catching all malware. Unfortunately, some of the other free antivirus programs have interfered too much with the Windows system, including Avast!, Kaspersky, etc. I actively use Defender, and give a manual scan of Malwarebytes.org 's free malware-removal program to compliment it. You might consider giving it a try (it is not an antivirus program, just a malware removal kit).

Another great way of ensuring fewer malware get loaded onto the computer is to always make sure windows is updated with the latest.


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