Internet Explorer 10 Search Provider - Add New

How to Add a New Search Provider in Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8

Note   Note
Different search providers may show up depending on what country you're in - what language you're using.
You might try to temporarily change the results by changing the country at the top right on the iegallery add-ons site page if you're not finding the desired search provider/s.

Step 1. Open the Internet Explorer on the regular desktop. (Not the Win 8 UI IE). Click on the Settings icon, and choose manage add-ons.


Step 2. Click on "Search Providers", and then on "Find more search providers...''


Step 3. This will open up a new IE window with the add-on gallery. If for instance, you don't find one on the front page list such as Google, just enter "Google" into the search field and hit Enter.


Step 4. Click on the search provider tile (in this example I'm using Google). Click on "Add to Internet Explorer".



Step 5. When the "Add search provider" pop-up comes up, click on Add. You can also check "Make this my default search provider" at this point also.


Step 6. At this point, you may need to close and restart the browser before it uses your new search provider. You can check it is there by opening up Manage add-ons again.

Now you can enter a search term into the address bar and hit Enter, and it will use your new default search provider.



For Immersive (WIN 8 UI) Internet Explorer:

The immersive Internet Explorer will also use your new default search provider, but you may need to close it out through Task Manager first, and re-open, before it will use the new search provider.




That's it.



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