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Internet Explorer 10 in Win 8 Enterprise x64 - Change view


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As i said in thread title i use Internet Explorer 10 in Win 8 Enterprise x64.
I need to use it t upload pictures because it is the default borwser for this operation, but every time I open upload areas it is beeig set to default - View mode "Details". The problem is that i need to upload pictures via Internet Explorer so I need to recognize the content of pictures and every time i upload a picture I have to Change view mode to "Large icons" so i could see the content of pics, see 1.jpg(first picture attached).

How can I change that default view mode in Internet Explorer to make look every time as in 2.jpg(second picture attached) ???

PS : This problem is not happening using Google chrome or Opera ! When using one of those browsers, every view mode I set it is always there when i open again the upload area !!!


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