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internal hard drive formatting


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i want to format my internal hard drive / partitions
somehow CMD keeps telling me i input the incorrect volume name (im admin) also tryd with admin rights CMD (evolved)
i tryd using usb bootable windows to go into DOS and try it there
same problem ...wrong volume name
wich is not the case...im sure i typed it correct (used VOL C: to get info on that)
i tryd anything ..even serial numbers
i still have acces to windows and it runs proper since i just did a clean install
but i want to format my partitions then do a clean install cause
i got 3 windows maps now and a bunch of maps i cannot delete
somehow the bootable usb i am using does not allow me to format or even choose a drive
it installes automaticly on C drive and thats ok if it was formatted . really clean

how can i just format my C and D partitions by any means? E is a factory disk but im willing to sacrifice it! and repartition everything
i can still download i can still acces windows!

i really want to install windows clean and start over
but in windows i cannot... windows says its using C: when i try...and with D: same
i dont care if i lose data i just want them formatted
if i need to make new partitions i would need a new tool for that cause somehow i lost my usb diskmanager
and i guess i would need a USB tool for that cause in windows things are messedup

i tryd downloading some free format tools and partition managers but in windows it just wont work
and i cannot find any free bootable tools...that are actually free
im lost here...
anyone got some surethings? i just want to format my internal hard drives by any means!

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If you are doing a standard Windows install from a Windows install disk, you should be able to select Custom install (or something like that) at the very beginning of the install process. Follow the options to where it allows you to choose the partition where you want to install Windows. Once on that screen, you can choose to delete each of the partitions, then recreate one new partition for the entire drive.

Format the new partition if it gives you the option; then choose that partition as the one where you want to install Windows.

It goes without saying that when you do the above, you will be completely wiping your drive with no hope of ever recovering what was on the drive. Make sure that's what you want to do before proceeding with this.

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