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Intellimouse not functioning properly on Windows 8

Have the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer for Bluetooth (5 button). I believe it is Bluetooth 2.0. The computer has built-in Bluetooth (3.0?). It is a new HP Envy DV7 (latest model as of 11/14/12).

Computer sees and connected to mouse. Mouse cursor moves and such. I downloaded the Microsoft software for this mouse. I've attempted to assign special key commands for the buttons (such as Ctrl + Z for edit undo).

I put the mouse on our Windows 7 laptop w/ the Bluetooth module that comes with the mouse, everything works. I tried connecting the module (looks like thumb drive) to the Windows 8 laptop w/ built-in Bluetooth, and when viewing "Devices", it shows the module, but says "driver error" below it. Figure it is due to it being the previous Bluetooth 2.0. So I uninstall both the mouse and module, reinstall just the mouse, no luck.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :).

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