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Intel Rapid Storage Technology icon not visible or in CP.

Sigh.. so I'm still working on my neighbor's Samsung Laptop. I refreshed it the other day for sluggishness which ended-up wiping lots of software and drivers off that M$ didn't create (really Microsoft -even drivers that keep the system stable??)
Anyway, got just about everything put back on this machine. There's just one thing that's bothering me. The Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver. On my desktop computer where the driver works properly the driver has it's own icon in Control Panel much like the Java Driver has there. The more popular location however is the taskbar, this icon sometimes confuses me as it at-a-glance resembles the "safely remove USB" icon. It's just a gray rectangle with a green check on it (when it's working properly).

On my neighbor's Samsung laptop it is downloadable through the "SW update" application. Version goes right in no problem, asks you to restart and then it even reflects the installation in the SW update application after restart. EXCEPT there is no sign of it anywhere on the computer besides Performance and Features as an option to remove. It has no taskbar icon, it has no presence in control panel and there is no locatable service running for it. I have confirmed that the Chipset indicates AHCI (7 series). It's also a driver straight from Samsung. I did remove this driver and restart and tried going directly to Intel and downloading the same driver and updating it via the "Update driver" option in the "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" section. It told me that the drivers were updated and that the system needed to be restarted, so I did and that time all the same problems were there + "SW Update" did not list it as installed. So I wiped this and reinstalled the SW Update method once more -same problem. I'm not seeing this driver as compatible with the Chipset (Intel(R) 7 series family Chipset controller ), but I have to wonder since Samsung lists it as "essential".

Interestingly, from the Windows "removed apps" log it lists Intel Rapid storage Technology driver as version This version is nowhere to be found and apparently there were problems with it (3 years ago). I'm thinking all I need is a IRST driver for an Intel 7 series chipset. Why is this so difficult to find? Any help would be most appreciated. My head has gone from almost exploding to just kinda sliding apart off my neck.. please help if you can.

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