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Intel GMA 500 with latest Video Driver 2014: DOWNLOAD LINK


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Hi, I'd like to share with all people this release. It's based on Intel Embedded Media and Graphics Driver but was
fixed to work better on US15 Platform (so all GMA 500 tablet\notebook\netbook)
Have about the same performance of Official Intel Release but has also OpenGL 2.0, various bugfixes and my little tool that support many devices and windows 8 - 8.1
Intel GMA 500 Driver Optimized for MS Windows : [Public Beta Test] IEMGD 1.18 rev0.2 - 21\Jan\2014

Brightness level not editable after Resuming from Susp\Hibr Mod
Windows Performance Index Test causes BSoD
VGA Cable autodetection doesn't work (have to open Intel Graphic Tool or press WIN+P

Hope this help some!

Tested with many devices: Asus,Acer,Dell,Archos and Sony

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