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(On search, an MS MVP replied on September 30, 2015):
Q. What does it mean when an Update is shown as Successful and listed in
Update History, but not in Installed Updates?
A. It means the update is NOT installed, despite what Update History says.

Hello, first time to ask a question on this forum. I would appreciate any advise,
thank you very much. I'd like to inquire if the answer to the question above
still proves true now that we have, since Oct 2016, Security Monthly Quality Rollups.

Well, I found that I have the recent Dec 2019 Rollup which I installed last,
and July 2016 Monthly Rollup, that I installed first along with a recent
2019 service stack update to start me off in updating through Windows
Update from scratch, and they were the only 2 Security Monthly Rollups that
showed up in the Installed history list!

The other Monthly Rollups I presumed I installed as it listed as successful
in the WU History list are non-existent within the Installed history. I
carefully installed those earlier this month.

Could this be because the Monthly Rollups are very much cumulative now
and perhaps wipes the older listing in favor of the most recent in the
installed history? That does sound convenient I suppose, or there was a
large error and I will have to choose the Refresh option and/or other to
start from the beginning. The PC is running fine, Defender running; careful
use of the browser - adblockers, safety apps recommended by banks et al.

The laptop is an almost new 2015 win8.1update x64 model, which i'd like to
use for a few years while Win10 progress to a more stable OS.
This i so disappointing, this is not good is it? Who gets these anomalies!?

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I am not very familiar with Win8.1 or Rollups, as I've been on Win7 Pro and
Security Only Patches, so this is new and fascinating, I've just installed the
JAN 2020 Rollup KB4534297 and the Dec 2019 Rollup KB4530702 disappears
from the Installed History list.
I did not know this. Previous Rollup numbers disappear after new ones are installed?

Err, because this is true?, 'Microsoft Update would overwrite Monthly Quality Rollups
every month with a new one...'
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