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Installation problems, please help me trouble shoot this

I have recently built 2 new systems with the following ram:-

Beast - 32GB Kit* (4x8GB) - DDR3 1866MHz CL10 Intel XMP DIMM
Part Number: KHX18C10AT3K4/32X
Specs: DDR3, 1866MHz, CL10, 1.5V, Unbuffered, Spec Sheet PDF
Profile 1: 1866MHz, 10-11-10, 1.5V
Profile 2: 1600MHz, 9-9-9, 1.5V

System specs are both :-
Asus Sabertooth AMD3 RV 2.0
2 x 8mb sticks in each system
AMD FX9590
Thermaltake Toughpower Gold 750 Watt
Crucial 512GB SSD
WD SATA drives
PCI SCIS card for 2 x SAT & 1 x IDE
Both systems use R9 280 graphics cards, 1 is MSI & 1 is Sapphire
Windows 8.1Pro x 64 bit
Classic shell start menu installed.
Microsoft office
Can’t think to mention anything else?

I am having trouble with 1 of the systems, being the one with the MSI card.
Problem being:-
Initially system was OK
This system ran fine for approx. 2 weeks, but started to have issues firstly on installing a 775mb windows update; the system wouldn't install it, would try but then rebooted saying removing changes?
Occasionally, would get locked in restarting loop, but not always.
After this point I did the “move user folders to another drive “ by Kari, ie:- http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/4275-user-profiles-relocate-another-partition-disk.html and this ran 110%, system in fact seemed a bit better?

Then I spilt a cup coffee on keyboard, unplugged keyboard to change it out & inadvertently placed the usb connection in another lower IO panel outlet, computer didn’t like that at all, it then went downhill from there, there were many small glitches & errors on my part to the point where it slowly crashed and I ended up doing a clean re-install on the formatted SSD.

This fresh re-install was Saturday, & all went well, once I had several major windows updates installed & everything seemed to be running fine, I took 3 different COMPLETE system backups with Acronis True image 2015 & saved these images to 3 different removable drives. At this stage, everything seemed fine.

I then went ahead, once I had what I thought were good backups & again did the:- move user folders, by Kari & in doing so, made a horrible error, I inadvertently mixed up my dive assignments & long story short, kept rebooting & restarting in audit mode.
I then recovered my middle of 3 full backups of the entire system & recovered it back to my SSD,

From the start of the new recovery installation, upon boot up & just before bios, I sometimes got a red flash or red flicker prior to loading bios, this has now improved since I removed all extra devices, I am NOW currently down to bare bones devices, ie:- 1 stick of ram, SSD, keyboard & mouse, both being on USB IO panel, all USB connections on MB disconnected.
I was before going to “bare bones” always stuck in constant restart when rebooting & if I disable fast start up in power options, sometimes I was stuck in shutdown.
If I leave fast start up in power options, it will usually shutdown OK
If I leave the system running with no input for say 20 minutes, the system will sort of lock up, being the start button will go black & not allow to access shutdown, restart etc in classic shell.

If I try to windows update, it will indefinitely lock on searching for updates until that screen locks still as it were, searching & there in no activity & the green action bar freezes, I can however shutdown that window with no ill effects.
I have done WD data lifeguard test on SSD in extended test & all is passed OK.

This system ran fine for approx. 2 weeks, but started to have issues firstly on installing a 775mb windows update, the system wouldn't install it, would try but then rebooted saying removing changes?

Having read everything, wherever I can find it, & found nothing EXACTLY the same, BUT while re reading the motherboard manual, I see that my memory is not from a "qualified vendor"????

My memory is:-
Beast - 32GB Kit* (4x8GB) - DDR3 1866MHz CL10 Intel XMP DIMM
Part Number: KHX18C10AT3K4/32X
Specs: DDR3, 1866MHz, CL10, 1.5V, Unbuffered, Spec Sheet PDF
Profile 1: 1866MHz, 10-11-10, 1.5V
Profile 2: 1600MHz, 9-9-9, 1.5V

Could this memory be my problem?
To me, this seems hardware related, & probably memory because of the issues?

Now after all this & system now being at a bare bones system stage & after many restarts & shutdowns, everything has improved dramatically to the point where I have no restarting & shutdown issues at all.

I know you’re going to tell me to install one piece at a time until all hardware is back in & no problems, but what & where should I be on the lookout for & in what order of re-installation would be the best way to troubleshoot this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanking you all for any help you can send my way

Much appreciated :(


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I had a windows 8 machine go into the reboot restart loop after an update once, and after I reinstalled the OS it would still go into the loop. After a couple of hours of frustration, I pulled a memory stick out and the it booted normally. Why would a computer that was working fine with both sticks in, receive a system update, and then quit working, and the reason was a defective memory stick...it didn't make sense, but it just goes to show that a memory stick can quit working at any time.

So, yes, if your memory is not on the list of approved "qualifying vendors" then yes, you could experience issues. Some MB(s) or very particular and some or not. So I would try a different brand if you can...it might save you some trial and error. Hope this helps.

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    Windows 8 Pro
    System Manufacturer/Model Number
    ASRock 990FX Killer
    AMD FX 8320
    ASRock 990 FX Killer
    Graphics Card(s)
    Gigabyte GTX 750i
    Sound Card
    Realtek (Stock on MB)
    Monitor(s) Displays
    ASUS 27 HD Monitor & a 37" LCD HD TV Screen (For movies)
    Screen Resolution
    1920 x 1080
    Hard Drives
    1 250 GB SS hard drive for OS
    1 1TB hard drive for data / mirrored to a second 1 TB hd.
    No name tower
    Enermax Liqtech 240
    Internet Speed
    Dnload 10.48 Upload .48
    IE 11 and Chrome when IE doesn't work
I appreciate your input play2mefish,
I chatted with Kingston today, they told me that while they may not be printed up in the motherboard manual as being "approved or recognized vendors" they ASSURED me that they were in fact now "approved or recognized vendors" & that there certainly wasn't any problem with the application that I had used their modules in, in fact I got the feeling that I sort of insulted them?
The guy I chatted with suggesting swapping out the 2 suspect modules into the 1 good new rebuild that I have & test them that way??????
Like I want to take a functioning machine & put suspect modules in it & see if it crashes as well?
Sounded pretty silly to me.... but then Im just a nimrod at this......
Besides I did a WD data lifeguard extended test on the Crucial SSD & it passed that
I also did a memtest86 on the 2 modules each separately & they passed as well.
So never less, there is a new "G Skills" 32mb 4 pack coming 2 day air from Newegg, BECAUSE the "G Skills" 32mb 4 pack was the #1 choice in the Asus motherboard manual being the 1st line of "approved or recognized vendors"

In the interim this is what I have done & found, I will write each stage as numbered items in the order that I did them.....
1. Back to bare bones, SSD, 1 stick ram, USB keyboard & mouse from top 2 usb IO back ports.
2. Disable fast boot in power options & leave that OFF indefinitely!!!!!
2. Went to connect USB card reader to USB2 MB connection & found 1 broken black wire
3. Tried fixing card reader USB to MB connection wire & thought that I had????
4. Straight away, flaky system, sometimes restart, sometimes stuck in restart loop BUT every time shuts down OK
5. Go into Device manager, find 4 conflicting items under heading being something like ? portable devices? being numbered, so delete them from system manager.
6. Go into BIOS/advanced/Mass Storage items, find the following 4 entries that I already deleted from Sys manager, being
a-Generic SD/MMC
b-Compact Flash
d-MS/MS Pro
So disable all 4 items, save changes & exit to reboot, it reboots OK, so before it all goes flaky again I shut down system....
7. Remove card reader & throw it out the door.
8. Reboot, then shut down approx. 5-6 times & all is well, so figure will try restarting, so restart & restart over & over maybe times, ALL is good... so I figure lets shut down & put another item back in, probably network PCI card...
9. So have altered bios for network card & PCI card in & start up, straight away again, flaky system, sometimes restart, sometimes stuck in restart loop also every time WONT shut down.
10. Remove PCI network card & reboot, alter bios to disable PCI NW card, Reboot, then shut down approx. 5-6 times & all is well, so figure will try restarting, so restart & restart over & over maybe 5 times, ALL is good... so I figure lets shut down & plug network cable into IO onboard network connection & configure bios for Onboard network card, all goes well, in fact beautiful, restart & restart over & over maybe 5 times, ALL is good, shuts down great, make files on desktop play with this & that, all is sweet as pie, I'm thinking now " I've whipped it", so shut her down & think about what next? thinking to myself, lets go to windows update & see how that goes, if I can download an update, or even just check that will be good.....
11. Go to windows update, starts searching for updates, all looks good, so go make cup of tea, leave system as all looks good, come back after 30 minutes & have red error message code, # 8024402F, so click on red X to shut window & surprisingly it shut window, go to start button & that is frozen, do a control/alt/delete, task manager comes up & I end that task OK, but start buttons frozen, do several control/alt/delete's until purple screen comes up & I choose shutdown option, computer then keeps trying to shutdown & is stuck in shutdown loop....
power button it off....... I'm about to cry, kick the cat, or break something......

error message code, # 8024402F is this:-
Windows Update error 80244016, 8024402f, or c80003fa

[HR][/HR] If you receive Windows Update error 80244016, 8024402f, or c80003fa while checking for updates, it might be caused by a connection interruption between your computer and the Windows Update servers.
The Windows Update Troubleshooter fixes some problems with Windows Update, and it might resolve this error for you.
If that doesn't work, try the following steps.
Close Windows Update, wait 10 to 15 minutes, and then run Windows Update again. You can also wait for Windows Update to run at its next scheduled time.
For more information about Internet connection problems, see Why can’t I connect to the Internet?
If you still receive this error after checking your Internet connection, it might mean that a program running on your computer is preventing Windows Update Services from accessing the Internet. Programs that might do this include firewalls, antispyware software, web accelerators, Internet security or antivirus programs, or proxy servers.


For a while there I was looking good & had hopes, now as I type this, I am back to recovering middle copy of 3 images taken when re-install was going ok.

IM IN WAY OVER MY HEAD, PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!!!, I've had maybe 5hrs sleep in last 72hrs, this new rebuild is main office computer & wife's personal computer, runs QuickBooks, prints checks etc., keeps wife happy.....

I am now resolved to the fact that I have damaged the MBR, kernels? or OS?
The loose black wire on the USB connector I found could have been shorting on something?
Card reader (usb broken wire came from this) was bad,
I'm sure SSD is good
Think ram module is OK?

I now think its mainly software related, I do know all my problems initially started & have virtually ended here being attributable to trying to update windows

I really don't know?

Any input from you guys, I would like to get this back on track, wife happy & get some sleep..... theres more to life than this


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