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InSaNE!! Trying to sync Win8 Metro Mail with gmail account

I have a newer HP Pavillion 23 desktop. Windows 8 Home. I prefer to use it with a local account but it bugs me that I have so much problem with the syncing if I go with an MS account and use the Metro Tiles.

I use Chrome and I am signed in all the time. The Mail tile syncs my live.com mail okay but when I go to add the gmail account it balks. I have entered the username and password for my gmail over and over. It says check what I've typed somethings wrong. I have gone through the "trusted pc" process and used the code and it reports everything is okay now, all will sync.

So I go back to the Mail tile and there's live.com, I go to Add an Account and select Google Connect and enter the ID and pass once again and it's a no go. I did get the Calendar to sync by going to the Google account in the browser and into Calendar settings and choosing Calendars and the the name of my Calendar and getting a link from that Private Address iCal url. I entered it somewhere and the Metro Calendar tile works. Although for some reason it is show old events that are not showing in the browser Calendar. I think I know what that is though, small point.

But nothing I've done gets the gmail account to be added directly to be accessed by the Mail Metro tile. Does anyone have a definitive resolve for this?

I would be so greatly indebted and thanks! Jack ":-\\

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    Windows 8 Home
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    HP Pavilion 23 A6 Vision AMD
    3.60 GHz
    AMD A6-5400 APU with Radeon
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    HD Graphics 3.6 GHz
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    Verizon, 3mbps
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