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Solved IE11 and WLM don't work consistently in W8.1


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I've been forced to go back to Windows 8 to get the Internet and WinLiveMail to work consistently.

In Windows 8 they both work seamless using IE10. In 8.1 they are so inconsistent it is impractical to use this version of Windows, even after discussions with Microsoft tech support to sort out the problems with IE11.

Emails won't send, sometimes even after a reboot. WLM frequently can't connect to either Yahoo Mail or my ISP.

IE11 will open some sites some times, and all sites other times. FireFox is the same.

After weeks of experiments and reloads I've finally given up and will use 8 until 8.2 comes out.

Update: In another thread HERE, I explained how I had spoken to MS tech support and they gave me an alternate DNS address to use, but it didn't fix the problem.

Then in another thread, HERE, I discovered a different DNS address from the one I was given by MS.

I put the address in via this pathway:

Workaround: Go to --> Control Panel --> Network and Sharing Center --> Changer adaptor settings --> Right click: Ethernet icon --> Properties --> Networking tab --> Highlight: Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) --> Click: Properties.

DNS Addreess.PNG

Leave "Obtain an IP address" on auto.

Dot: Use the following DNS server address.

Type in the address:

  • Preferred DNS server:
  • Alternative DNS server:

The new DNS seems to have fixed the problem and all web sites are opening normally, and very fast.
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