IE 10/Windows 8 corrupting downloads


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Mar 1, 2013
I have a customer facing .net web application that populates pdf files, and the the user is prompted to open or save the file. Depending on what is needed, the application creates 1 pdf file, or a zip file containing several pdfs. When the user tries to open or save the file, IE 10 brings up a dialog that says "<filename> could not be downloaded", retry, cancel.

When you click retry, it says "resuming", downloads the pdf, then tries to open it in Adobe Reader. Adobe then says that the file cannot be opened because it is not a supported type or has been damaged.

This also happens when trying to download a zip file. When windows tries to open the zip file, it says that it can't.

This site works fine in Chrome and Firefox on Windows 8 (same pc), and also worked fine on previous versions of IE, so I'm stumped as to why IE 10 is having problems. I would love to find a resolution to this problem, as our customers are starting to upgrade to new win 8/ie 10 pcs, and some are not receptive to using a different browser.



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